Homma Meridian Project

An ongoing work which re-sites the Greenwich Prime Meridian in different locations around the globe, invoking and questioning the power-centered nature of demarcated boundaries and space. www.streetroad

Al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here Project

Printmakers from around the world were invited to respond to the bombing of the Al Mutanabbi Street in 2007 and to be part of a global coalition of artists

Meridian Stone Project

Meridian Stone Project is an ongoing collaborative work: a stone taken from Street Road, and carved with the longitudinal coordinates 0º0’0’’ is mailed from artist to artist.

Art Action UK Residency Project

The affects of a disaster such as 3/11 are experienced globally, and nuclear energy production impacts all of us.  Art Action UK wants to draw attention to increasing media ‘amnesia’ and media suppression following 3/11.