“Art doesn’t last. Life doesn’t last. It doesn’t matter.” said Eva Hesse.

Knowing that if one can acheive that sort of acceptance, life may be a little more tolarable, and yet when faced with such a profoundity of Hesse’s conclusion, I found my own inability to come to the point in saying:
“it doesn’t matter”.

Just like in issa’s haiku poem, soon after losing his little daughter, the inablity to say “It doesn’t matter”, leaves us with many questions.

In my recent project,” A Problem of Annihilation”, I have been grappling with this seemingly unattainable state of mind, and trying to look deeper into the cause of this inability. Does our inability reflect a yearning towards eternity? And where does this yearning come from?

” The world is but a drop of dew, a drop of dew , and yet and yet …” Issa

© Kaori Homma
01-2″ A problem of annihilation
Digital Print edition 1/50
2005 540x780x35mm

© Kaori Homma
Mement Mori for Mia Film