Extract of catalogue reads:


“It was a cold but sunny day. Wind was strong, “as always"  a local old man we met told us, a retired worker from the Power Plant, who’s great grand father was buried in the local church. He was very happy to see us, perhaps mistaking us for the pilgrims, who came to pay homage to his Power Station. Through the strong wind, I heard a whistles of a chew-chew train,  perhaps full of families with excited children, heading towards Power Station.


I grieve for the loss of naiveté, but the way back to the innocence is now closed for me after Fukushima. By burning images on paper, I am asking what this all means? “


01 December 2022

AIRM.Dungeness, Installation

Series made in 2019 as a part of AiRM Festival, Fire Etching


As a part of yearly Contemporary art Festival, Homma was commissioned and worked collaboratively with artist film maker Sanae Yamada to uncovered the narratives hidden under the beauty of landscape of Dungeness and explore the nuanced depths which goes beyond romanticised notion of wilderness of landscape



Kaori Homma

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