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Series of installations based on the sky above London


Kaori Homma

07 June 2023
invisible Ink is used to render the image and then the papers were exposed to
28 March 2023
Title: Under the Heavens no.3 Date: 2020 Size: 14 x11cm in glass dome 22 x31
23 December 2022
Arcadia according to Claude Lorain with a distant viewof Dounreay Power Plant, 2014,Edition of 5,
01 December 2022
Ashes collected during the burning process of Fire Etching is displayed along with a piece
01 December 2022
Series made in 2019 as a part of AiRM Festival, Fire Etching As a part
01 December 2022
The only place in UK where experimentations on Nuclear Bomb were carried out in the

Invisible Ink and Fire Etching

The use of invisible ink can be traced back in history in different traditions and cultures.In Europe it was widely used in the Roman period, and during the American civil war, the method was used by both the American and British counterparts, as a way to decipher hidden messages. However the use of Fire Etching is not limited to war fare. It is also used in love affairs, so that lovers can exchange letters in secrets.
The use of the fire etching technique as an art form is not common, however Homma chooses it, preferring its association with the ephemeral.

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