Nominated for 2023 Chaiya Award, " Lament Over a City" 

07 June 2023

Lament over a city

invisible Ink is used to render the image and then the papers were exposed to the fire to reveal the hidden image. It is made of a composite of x16 pieces of Aburidashi on paper.

This work was produced during the lockdown in South East of London when suddenly all human activities had come to a halt. The work is referencing the Etching of Rembrandt's “Three Trees, 1643” but shows the London cityscape sitting in a distance with an uneasy stillness. A turbulent cloud gathering in the distance, the usually vibrant city was silent and I thought there was an echo of the lament of Christ over a city, not a despair but more like a yearning. Under the vastness of the sky brewing darker cloud, I was keenly aware that our 21st century technology and knowledge had not absolved us from ourselves.

Kaori Homma

Kaori Homma | Art Portfolio | Artist in London

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