by Kaori Homma

Homma has written texts on art, environment, life, faith. Her Essays can be read through links below.

Kaori Homma

11 May 2024
  The first in a series documenting artist Kaori Homma's Homma Meridian project at Street Road Artists Space. With an introduction by curator Jason Waite, and contributions from 24 artists and
23 December 2022
Long awaited book will be published soon, including text by Dr. Jason White, Dr. Paul Blackham and all the participating artists for Meridian Stone Project.
23 December 2022
An extract reads: “Fire has a compelling attraction. It is not only beautiful to look at, but also has the power to destroy. Outside, in the garden, cicadas were making
23 December 2022
An extracts reads: “The plane is traversing over the continent of Eurasia, moving westwards, chasing the sun which is reluctant to set. From the height of 35,000 feet I can
23 December 2022
I have never been on any religious pilgrimage in my life. The dust and heat in the air on the Camino deSantiago or the sounds of bells ringing in the

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