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23 December 2022

Pilgrimage to Venice, 2017
Published by ArtWay eu

I have never been on any religious pilgrimage in my life. The dust and heat in the air on the Camino deSantiago or the sounds of bells ringing in the distance exist only in my imagination. But I found myself amongst the pilgrims as I attended the opening of theVenice Biennale this year. At the Vaporato (water bus)stops at the Giardinni people are pouring out of the boat that is worryingly full to the brim. There is already a long queue forming towards the entrance. People are all well presented with fashionable sunglasses, Issey Miyake dresses, flowing linen trousers, while also wearing sensible low-heeled shoes for long walks they know they will have to endure. Obviously, these are veterans who have been here many times before...


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