Kaori Homma

Embrace Equity Exhibition At PwH

28 March 2023

Title: Under the Heavens no.3

Date: 2020

Size: 14 x11cm in glass dome 22 x31 x31 cm ( on plinth 35 x35 x80cm) 


This work is a part of a series begun during the Lockdown in 2020 when the ability I took for granted to jet across the world to see my mother in a care home at the other side of the world has become unattainable. Cocooned under the sky of London which suddenly regained the tranquility, I saw the silent sky not only revealing our vulnerability but also our ability to impact aero-sphere, an impossible conjuncture of power and helplessness. 

The image was rendered by the Fire Etching method, which is called by the General Washington during the American Civil War as "white ink” a way to decipher hidden messages used both by British and American counter parts*.  Rendered by this invisible ink which only become visible when exposed to the fire, it suggests the opposite spectrum from the masculinity of Modernity. A possibility that the helplessness itself might becomes a place for paradigm change. 


*reference from  Macrakis K. “Prisoners, Lovers & Spies” 2014 Yale University Press


As a female asian artist living and working in UK, the notion of the equity sometimes feels so distant and unattainable as a day dream. But then again, it is an artist’s job to dream the impossible dream, so I am hoping that my work might provide a space to contemplate on the gaping gap exists between us and dare to dream the equity we can all embrace.

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