Kaori Homma

Life Boat, Exhibition at APT

11 May 2024

“Homma Meridian”, a north-south longitudinal line is placed in Deptford, less than a mile away from the Prime Meridian of Greenwich and it challenges the idea of the polarity of the East and the West with its connotations of political, ideological, and cultural contrariety.


Kaori Homma’s multi-site Homma Meridian project asks

us to reconsider and to challenge the cartographic demarcations

that govern so much of our world and that we so

frequently take for granted. With the deceptively simple

move of 'repositioning' the Greenwich Prime Meridian,

the artist radically shifts our perspective, as well as our

sure footing, both figuratively and even literally.

At each of its iterations (which have included Budapest,

Margate, Wales, Paris, London and Pennsylvania) the artist

and participating audiences draw an impermanent line

running north-south, always using ephemeral materials,

as a substitute for the ‘Prime' meridian. The project's act

of displacement and its ephemerality work to highlight

the imaginary nature of boundaries and to shake up our

perception of our position on the earth as it spins on its

titled axis.


Extracts from “Homma Meridian at Street Road, vol 1. Meridian Stone” (2024)  Street Road Artists Space, Pennsylvania,  Creative Commons License

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